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General Trend Briefings / Workshops 

"It takes a wise man to explain the unexplainable; it takes a genius to make it understandable". 

  • General trend briefings per season, for companies, industry associations or institutions. Audiovisual presentations that set out in a clear and inspiring manner the upcoming trends in design and consumer behaviour, paying special attention to strategy, branding, corporate identity...

  • Research on icons, keywords, colour ranges, harmonies and material preferences.
  • Graphics, packaging & communications, concepts and marketing aspects.

    Our next event:

    INVITATION -welcome to our annual strategic seminar 2015 - ViewPoint Magazine presents BIG DATA and how it turns our lives and business models upside down. Presented by ViewPoint publisher David R Shah, Amsterdam and creative director Caroline Till, London.
    BIG DATA - data has been called "the new oil." A better way to think about it is as a new design medium. This doesn't mean turning quant data into infographics and neat visualizations. Rather, it means thinking about data as a medium through which to design intuitive and valuable customer experiences, at all points in the customer lifecycle // ViewPoint

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