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 We study key-events in terms of consumption on an international level, development of customers needs and tastes, and upcoming trends for the coming three to five years.
Musterion works as an open-minded think tank. It addresses to each industry for which a refreshing and regular reorientation on creative, socio-economic and technological developments and trends is crucial. It is neither exclusively technical, nor specialised, but on the contrary wants to offer a high quality, broad, kaleidoscopical view to creators, marketeers, executives and general managers. Musterion wants to stimulate cross-disciplinary, integrated thinking and communication.

In its programme Musterion®  aspires to reach equilibrium trough variation. Speakers with completely different backgrounds focus on questions, tendencies and challenges in their specific work field, and relate these to aspects of general management and entrepreneurship. As a consequence Musterion®  makes no claim to be exhaustive. It raises questions and shows relations; one could consider it an interactive event-in-progress.
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