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Development of specific colour pallettes, harmonies and adaptions for your product lines.

Why do you need a colour expert?

There are many aspects of business that are best handled by people with specific expertise. When legal advice is needed, an attorney is consulted. Qualified accountants best handle taxes.
For marketing direction, meaningful research is important. And when statistics show that colour is one of the major reasons for product purchase (more than 60%), the guidance of an appropriately educated professional color expert is critical.
Colour within the business, retail or personal environment is also a critical factor in creating mood, image and a productive atmosphere that elicits a positive, favorable response.
Choice of colour is intensely personal. Colour combinations have a profound effect on our mood and well being. You may attempt to feel them. Colour consulting services, whether it be in the world of fashion or design.
If you need assistance in the selection of colours, our research and experience provide the background on which we draw to give you expert advice. Colours can have an amazing influence on how we think and feel. For example, the colour of your dining space can make all the difference to your dinner conversation and even appetite.
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