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Oscar Wilde once said: "Fashion is a form of ugliness, that we can only tolerate because it changes every six months".

The ugliness part is very much debatable, but on the changing every 6 months he's more than right. And this makes the fashion industry so fascinating.

We collect trends around the world on lifestyle, interior, textile design and fashion. The most inspiring and promising trends are collected and published in high-end magazines and. mode…information provides over 1200 titles. A huge source of information keeping you updated on the latest developments. Providing the inspiration for your designs, to flourish your business.

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There was a time when blatant sex sold everything and anything.
There was a time when less was more and minimalism was the credo of creativity in all sectors from food to interiors. That's all about to change. (David Shah, foreword Viewpoint #18).

Speaking Chinese in Iceland is not making any sense. Knowing trends is like speaking the right language. As a marketeer, a product manager, and a creative or for R&D it is important to know and to learn the right language. It is crucial to the success or failure of any development.

MI selects and publishes the trends collected by trend watchers worldwide. These Trend Books are the ultimate guide of how the future will look like.

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The magazines give a thorough glossary of future trends and provide a fruitful source of inspiration. But sometimes this is not enough to fulfill your specific need or you just want more. Our trend books give an in-depth overview of particular trends. When, for example, animal skin is hot, we provide books, showing all possible variations of animal skin, providing you a perfect mindset for creation.

Inspirational books

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